group outplacement experts

Our Group Outplacement Programs Ensure A Simple Transition

Whether you’re eliminating a small department or shutting down an entire facility, we can help. We’ve worked with clients more than 8,000 times to help separated employees successfully move on to the next phase of their careers. We’ve seen just about everything, so we have a deep understanding of what can go wrong, how to avoid it and even how to handle it if it does. We know what to say and we can help ensure the termination or layoff goes as smoothly as possible. We do it right, with compassion, dignity and extensive knowledge of the job market.

No matter how large a group, we understand that a termination is highly personal. We connect with people in person on a heart-to-heart basis and help them move forward in their lives and in their careers.

The sincerity and empathy we bring to group outplacement programs are designed to defuse tense situations. We have helped thousands of clients in dozens of industries through extremely difficult times. We’ve designed group outplacement to get separated employees on a positive path as quickly as possible and to ensure that they do not have hostility toward their former employers. By doing the right thing, our clients provide a bridge to the future for the separated employee while protecting themselves from costly litigation and reputational damage.