We Simplify The Executive Separation Process

We help clients make their executive separation agreements work. We know that terminating an executive is a difficult and unpleasant process. We have the expertise, tools, and understanding to mitigate the fear and anger that are natural during a separation.

We work closely with the separated executive, focusing on the positive. No one wants to experience job loss, but separation can be an opportunity to explore career options. Our executive outplacement expertise provides professional resources that help executives find rewarding careers.

We work with people to identify options, then explore all avenues of job search training and the path to get there. Once a direction has been determined, we help build their resume around that target. We show them how to market themselves in person and via social media. We walk them through salary negotiation and tough interview questions. Many people have difficulty explaining accomplishments and marketing themselves. Our personal service, expertise, deep knowledge and leadership connections help severed employees find their next role quickly.

We help people work through the emotional and professional challenge of finding a new job. Our goal is for people who receive our executive outplacement services to look back on the experience as a growth one.