Our Corporate Outplacement Consultants Are With You the Whole Way

Employee terminations are littered with landmines, pitfalls, surprises and stress, but Dise & Company will help you through this difficult time. A professional, thorough and compassionate outplacement service is certainly the right thing to do for the affected employee(s). It’s also the wise thing to do for the employer.

Our process provides dignity and a career path to severed employees while protecting the interest of our client, the former employer. We assist our clients with communication plans and logistics, ensuring that employees are treated well and legal issues are covered. We’re on site to support our clients when the bad news is delivered. We help affected employees through the trauma, explain the outgoing benefits and set the stage for a successful job search ahead. Our presence helps ensure that the terminated employee leaves the premises in a professional and dignified fashion. This action can minimize the probability of lawsuit or other negative action that a terminated employee might take if she feels her dignity has been violated. Finally, we help the employee move on with outplacement coaching that has helped thousands capture new, rewarding jobs.

Outplacement through Dise & Company provides peace of mind because it is proven to:

• Reduce costly litigation. Even ridiculous claims against employers can cost more than $50,000 and considerable executive time. Good legal advice and compassionate, effective outplacement help separated employees make the best decisions for their own futures. Their successful transition is also good for the company’s bottom line.
• Get people working again, faster. We are experts at connecting great people with jobs. When separated employees capture a new income stream, everyone wins.
• Prevent damaging retaliation. Whether an angry social media post or something worse, attacks on employers are greatly reduced by providing outplacement services.
• Create goodwill. Employees remaining with the company will see how separated employees are treated. Doing the right thing helps with retention and morale. Even separated employees will be brand ambassadors for the company for the rest of their lives.