LinkedIn Etiquette: 4 Best Practices you Should Know

You have a solid LinkedIn profile set up (even with a photo you like). You have a base of connections that you continue to expand upon, but you may ask yourself the question: How do I use my LinkedIn presence to generate high quality contacts and leads for my business network?   

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Hire a Headhunter? Are YOU Kidding ME?

Sound familiar? Your Human Resource team is small, underpaid, overworked and they think you can find a hard charging Vice President of Sales on your own. Plus, your company wants a sales leader who will make an IMPACT.

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Joining a Search Committee?

6 Considerations for Nonprofit Board Members

Imagine this scenario:
You’re sitting on a nonprofit board where you have invested your time, talent and money over many years. The CEO has unexpectedly resigned leaving behind a dramatic leadership crisis. Because of this sudden change, employees are concerned and keeping the staff focused and maintaining morale proves to be a difficult task. You wonder, “What are we going to do without a leader? What will happen to our funders, foundations and other stakeholders that invest in our programs and services?”

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Feedback is a Gift - Treat it Like One

I’ve spent the majority of my career in IT, directing large project teams and organizations by building and supporting business systems. There was a lot of satisfaction for me during that part of my career, working with smart people to create systems that allowed our business to achieve aggressive goals. I look back fondly on what was accomplished by my teams and what I learned. One thing I learned very clearly, and was beautifully articulated by a previous boss, is:

“Technologies come and go…it’s people that make the difference.”  

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Find the Best People! It's not easy in today's talent market.

To succeed in today's environment, you must have the highest caliber of employees possible at every level, regardless of your industry. In today's fast-paced world with an increasingly tight market — particularly for executive and management talent — Dise & Company grasps the challenges that must be met in recruiting for key positions.

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Why Dise & Company Stands Out

Articulating what sets one firm apart from another can be difficult. You often hear the same adjectives, the same overused buzzwords and the same distinguishing features.

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What's Your Business Leadership Style?

When My Boss Let Me Fail

I will never forget my first performance evaluation. My boss, Jack, reviewed my first year on the job, highlighting some of my early successes. He then proceeded with a litany of my shortcomings, failures and areas that needed improvement. Several of the examples he cited were over six months old. At the conclusion of the conversation, I said, “I really appreciate the feedback, but wouldn’t it have made more sense to have made me aware of these as you observed them so I could have fixed them by now?” I don’t remember Jack’s response, but I can tell you that he did not change his approach to performance management.

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How to Befriend an Executive Recruiter in 3 Simple Steps

Business is all about Developing Professional Relationships

Executive recruiters are not in the business of finding opportunities for jobseekers. Instead, we partner with our client companies to find executive talent through research, outreach and our own highly developed networks. Creating and nurturing strong relationships with executive recruiters is key to a successful career. Here’s my take on how to befriend executive recruiters with these 3 simple steps:

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The Day LTV Steel Tried to Hire Me Back

June 22, 1985 the general manager of personnel at LTV Steel laid me off. My birthday was eight days away; my wife was three months pregnant. It was late on a Friday afternoon. I was devastated.

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Micro Affirmations-A Cool Leadership Tool

Lisa Gaynier, Director of Preparing Culturally Competent Leaders for 21st Century Organizations at Cleveland State University sent me this: "According to Mary Rowe of MIT, Micro-Affirmations are “tiny acts of opening doors of opportunity, gestures of inclusion and caring, graceful acts of listening.”

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