Hiring mistake? You just can’t afford it!

If you're a hiring manager make sure you seriously consider retaining an executive search firm to find your next senior level employee. Why? Because you can’t afford not to.

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Afraid to terminate Toxic Tom? Don't be! He's replaceable. Here's how.

Years ago a successful executive coach and personal friend shared a story about a coaching assignment he turned down. His client, a major bank, asked him to work with one of their vice presidents, Toxic Tom. “He's one of our top performers,” they said. “We consider him to be crucial to our success going forward. He has one minor flaw we'd like you to work on with him. He has been known to slap subordinates when he is upset with them.”

 My friend turned down the assignment and advised client to refer Tom for psychological counseling rather than coaching.

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What  Happens When Companies Hire Executive Talent Using a Different Approach

At Dise & Company, we leverage extensive industry knowledge and personal relationships with a genuine passion for matching great people with new positions that best utilize their experience and skills through our executive search process.

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Our Executive Job Search Process Will Deliver Qualified Candidates to You

Hope is not a plan! Hoping the perfect candidate will walk in your door to fill your critical executive position is likely not to work. Engaging an experienced executive search organization like Dise & Company guarantees a plan that will.

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Is Your Executive Staffing Prepared for Growth?

In a growing company, recruiting qualified executive staff is critical to sustaining growth. You may already have your company’s business plan in place to travel the exciting pathway to success, but execution will be the challenge. You realize that you cannot do it alone nor can you rely only on the core group that has gotten you this far. The journey requires a talented executive staff with proven decision-making skills and project management capability.

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Want to Attract and Hire Great Executive Talent?

Stop Doing These 3 Things

As a human resources professional, your job includes attracting and hiring great executive talent in order for your employer to succeed. When it comes to recruiting, it's easy to make the wrong hiring decision without knowing it. A candidate may look perfect at first, but you really don't know how her work ethic relates to her resume until you actually see her in action. There are thousands of things you can do to hire better talent, but start by cutting out these 3 common items from your checklist:

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The "Like Factor" PITFALL of a Bad Hire

Several years ago, I served on the board of a local nonprofit. When our Director of Development left to go to a larger organization, “Mary,” the Founder and Executive Director, immediately embarked on a search for her replacement.  

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Staying the Course When the Legendary Leader Retires

4 Steps Organizations Should Consider Following their Leader’s Retirement

Twenty years after creating what is now a $10 million environmental advocacy group, the founding director has chosen to retire. As the driving force, the Director’s energy and foresightedness have been the primary face of this nonprofit organization as it lobbied to protect local public areas and encourage sustainable community programs. Employees and volunteers have come and gone during those years, but the leader steadfastly remained at the forefront.

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When it comes to recruiting, you must first get the requirements right!

The why, what, and how of finding your perfect candidate during a job search.

As someone who spent many years developing IT applications, I’ve learned that getting the requirements right from the start is a top priority. There are many details to define as you move through the project development life cycle. Many things can change during the life cycle, but when developing and delivering a successful system clearly defining basics at the beginning of the project is critical.

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Hire a Headhunter? Are YOU Kidding ME?

Sound familiar? Your Human Resource team is small, underpaid, overworked and they think you can find a hard charging Vice President of Sales on your own. Plus, your company wants a sales leader who will make an IMPACT.

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