My leadership stinks . . . NOW WHAT?

My leadership stinks … NOW WHAT?

  • Micromanagement is not leadership. It’s higher pay for lower level work.
  • Delegation is emancipation. Nothing else helps you see organizational strengths and weaknesses. Delegation frees you to work on your business not just in your business.
  • Shooting down ideas assassinates the best minds on your payroll.

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I fired Frank - he roasted my company on social media . . . NOW WHAT?

I fired Frank, he roasted my company on social media… NOW WHAT?

  • Terminating employees stinks.
  • Procrastinating is bad leadership.
  • Just “getting it over with” can ruin your Corporate reputation.

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How to get fired – work hard at the wrong things.

Work hard and smart, be nice to others, be the first person in the office and the last person to unplug the coffee pot… pitch in and help out with urgent projects, especially when it’s “not your job.” Look good, smell good and update your wardrobe. Maintain eye contact, listen twice as much as you talk and genuinely care about others. Call them by name. Don’t gossip or shop online. Get plenty of rest, limit your carbs and consider kale.

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Want some Litigation with your Layoff? I bet you don't.

Anyone can sue anyone for anything.

Use a lawnmower for a hedge trimmer – there’s a lawsuit for that. Climb over a barbwire fence into the lions’ exhibit and get mauled – there’s a lawsuit for that. A burglar sprains his back while stealing valuables from your home – yes, there’s a lawsuit.

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Why Dise & Company Stands Out

Articulating what sets one firm apart from another can be difficult. You often hear the same adjectives, the same overused buzzwords and the same distinguishing features.

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How To Leverage Your Network To Get Back To Work

Learn how to polish your networking skills and land a new position — even in a down market

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking.

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Providing a real value for the reluctant and the doubtful

How Dise & Company helped an already qualified job-seeker see the benefits of outplacement services and find a better job faster

Candidate Profile: VP Sales & Marketing, Early-Stage Technology Company

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Firing an Employee (And How To Avoid Them)

You can fire anyone at any time for any reason or no reason… that’s what employment at-will is all about, right?

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5 Reasons Why Offering Outplacement Services Is More Than ‘Doing The Right Thing’

 You’ve decided to terminate an employee.

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