“Influencer”: A Powerful Way To Effect Positive Change

I speak with business leaders every day, and everyone says they want change, but few move beyond lip service because few really know how to effect positive change.

And that’s a shame—because as a leader—there is nothing more important than can do than to lead—to purposefully orchestrate organizational change.

There are tremendous barriers and roadblocks to change: mostly rooted in fear…, people are worried about losing their jobs, losing their earnings, or reducing their prospects of promotion. Inertia is another major roadblock—the force of old habits that die hard.

But the future of companies and entire communities hang in the balance.

Many of the ways we’ve been trained to manage change don’t work because too complicated, and they rely on the same old top-down communications that have proven time and time again to be ineffective.

Introducing Influencer

Influencer is a ground-breaking new methodology for managing organizational change. Based on years of observation and research, it was developed by some of the brightest minds in organizational development, and most importantly, it works.

Years of Influencer research has revealed a simple formula: (1) Clarify measurable results (2) identify one or two key vital behaviors you wish to change (3) diagnose why these behaviors are not happening, and then (4) then marshal four more sources of influence to overwhelm the overwhelming problems that will lead to the results you are seeking.

  Motivation Ability
Personal Make change desirable Practice change
Social Influence your peers Provide resources and education
Structural Provide incentives Create cues and reminders


The Six Source of Influence

The Six Sources of influence are personal, social, and structural—and are affected by your individual as well as collective motivation and ability (simplified above).

The beauty of Influencer is that it’s both simple and accessible, as is clear in the video case study: “All Washed Up”.

It’s so simple kids can do it!

  Motivation Ability
Personal Don’t want to do it Can’t do it
Social My friend didn’t do it Can’t do it alone
Structural Nothing in it for me Forgot to do it


“All Washed Up”: The Problem

If you watch this video, you’ll see that 2 or 3 sources of influence alone are not effective. Once you overwhelm the group with four or more sources of influence, then change miraculously happens!

This is just one example of many, and the possibilities for using this methodology to effect positive change are limitless!

  Motivation Ability
Personal Didn’t want to get sick It was easy
Social My friends did it We all did it together
Structural I got a cupcake There was a sign reminding me


“All Washed Up”: The Solution

The bottom line? Influencer works. It’s simple, accessible, and proven. Every person, every organization should be learning how Influencer can be used to drive rapid and sustainable change.

For more information about Influencer, including a free self-assessment you can find them at Kurt Southam’s website at www.southamconsulting.net.


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