How To Recruit Top Talent: A Roundup Of Great Ideas

how-to-recruit-top-talent.pngLeaders universally acknowledge the importance of hiring top talent. Here are some tweets from some influential thinkers and doers.

“Seek character over credentials.” @google

Laszlo Bock, author of “Work Rules!” and head of human resources at Google, says that hiring and classifying people well is crucial for creating the type of workplace where people will thrive. Read more…

“Whenever there is any doubt, there is no doubt.” @mlevchin #ronin
 In this First Round CEO Summit interview, Max Levchin (@mlevchin), co-founder and former CTO of PayPal, shares insights about how to source, interview and hire the very best candidates. Read more…
“A one size workplace culture fits no one.” @MeghanMBiro

Meghan Biro (@MeganMBiro), founder and CEO of TalentCulture, writes about hiring tactics to find that one sizzling star employee who is worth 50 so-so employees. Read more…


Answer the question: “What about this company makes you continue to work here?” @KatelynLaGarde

Katelyn LaGarde (@KatelynLaGarde), A Talent Specialist with OpenView Venture Partners, brilliantly affirms that when pitching top candidates, there is one interview question you have to ask answer. Read more…

Role reversal. Tell candidates: “Ask me 10 questions about the opportunity.” @mgallizzi

Matthew Gallizi (@mgalizzi), an Entrepreneur’s Coach and Introspective Agent, who serves entrepreneurs to create lasting impact, shares three unconventional methods Small Business CEO’s can use to recruit the best talent. Read more…


“Top talent is attracted to working with top talent. Recognize when a hire turns out to be a dud.”

Jenny Jedeikin (@jedeiken), an award-inning writer for LinkedIn Talent blog, shares “7 Tactics to Revitalize Your Hiring Strategy“. Read more…


Your turn. What have you learned? How do you find top talent?


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