Make this setback your comeback

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When will this lockdown end? What can I do? 

You can’t answer every question. No one can. You CAN decide to snatch this time away from the Covi-geddon disruption. With a crisis comes opportunity. Seize the day! Ask questions only you can answer.

  • What do you want your career to look like post-Lockdown?
  • What do you enjoy most in your chosen work?
  • With a return to “normal” do you see a bright future for your career?
  • Why would or should you consider doing something else?
  • Do you know what you’re looking for? Can you describe it to others?
  • What would you need to get there?
  • Assuming you will never have more available time, what can you learn to jumpstart your career?
  • If you have said, “some day I’ll…….”  how can you begin to make some day today?

You may be homeschooling kids, fighting cabin fever, wrestling with technology, Youtubing home repairs, etc. Despite these challenges, what if you decided to take action rather than march in place?

Draft your action plan:

  • Make a list of the Top 20 people you’d like to talk to - SME’s, influencers, or smart people who you can learn from may be easier to connect with than ever before
  • Networking is expected. Ask: “how are you keeping safe?” “how’s your work going” Ping former colleagues you have lost touch with; Join new LinkedIn groups in your chosen field
  • What skill could you work on? Update your chops on QuickBooks, SolidWorks, Spanish language, healthy cooking, art/craft work, chess, organic gardening
  • Brain Power - draft a business plan for the start-up you have dreamed about; Share it with others and make it better
  • Read, listen, learn - books - what are we saving them for? Create a reading list. Start or join a Zoom book or learning group

Make this set back your comeback. Isn’t it up to you?  Dise & Company has great tools to get you on track. Today, we are making these resources available at no charge. Contact: Mark Gonska at  (job fit scorecard available)

Let’s talk – by phone video chat platforms or email. 


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Mark Gonska

Mark Gonska is Executive Vice President and leads the Outplacement Practice for Dise & Company. He helps employers avoid the second most costly mistake they can ever make: retaining employees they should release. Also known as America’s Career Coach, Mark has assisted over 8,000 people moving forward in their careers.

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