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In her position as Executive Vice President, Executive Recruiting at Dise & Company since 2004, Susan Paley Zak leverages her broad network of contacts in business, professional and nonprofit communities to help clients find the right talent for their organizations. Throughout her successful career in the human resources Susan’s signature accomplishment has been to bring an entrepreneurial zeal to whatever she touches.
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What  Happens When Companies Hire Executive Talent Using a Different Approach

At Dise & Company, we leverage extensive industry knowledge and personal relationships with a genuine passion for matching great people with new positions that best utilize their experience and skills through our executive search process.

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Staying the Course When the Legendary Leader Departs

4 steps organizations should consider prior to a beloved leader’s departure

Twenty years after creating what is now a $10 million environmental advocacy group, the founding director has chosen to retire. As the driving force, the director’s energy and foresightedness have been the primary face of this nonprofit organization as it lobbied to protect local public areas and encourage sustainable community programs. Employees and volunteers have come and gone during those years, but the leader steadfastly remained at the forefront.

Organizations, whether for-profit or nonprofit, are frequently faced with this dilemma. How can the organization replace a charismatic founder-entrepreneur and still maintain growth? What type of leader is required for this new phase? When possible, the search should begin at least six months prior to the official date of retirement.

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Joining a Search Committee?

6 Considerations for Nonprofit Board Members

Imagine this scenario:
You’re sitting on a nonprofit board where you have invested your time, talent and money over many years. The CEO has unexpectedly resigned leaving behind a dramatic leadership crisis. Because of this sudden change, employees are concerned and keeping the staff focused and maintaining morale proves to be a difficult task. You wonder, “What are we going to do without a leader? What will happen to our funders, foundations and other stakeholders that invest in our programs and services?”

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How to Befriend an Executive Recruiter in 3 Simple Steps

Business is all about Developing Professional Relationships

Executive recruiters are not in the business of finding opportunities for jobseekers. Instead, we partner with our client companies to find executive talent through research, outreach and our own highly developed networks. Creating and nurturing strong relationships with executive recruiters is key to a successful career. Here’s my take on how to befriend executive recruiters with these 3 simple steps:

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Third Careers Big Opportunity In Recruiting For Non-Profit Organizations

More Executives Skipping Retirement and Working for Nonprofits

According to the Center for Nonprofit Policy & Practice at the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University, 2 of 3 Nonprofits will experience an executive transition within the next 5 years.

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How To Tell Your Story And Achieve The Success You Seek

Having a well-defined corporate culture, i.e., having a good story to tell, is by far the best way to help  you recruit and retain the people who can help your company achieve the success you are seeking.

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The Real Reason You Need A Succession Plan (The One No-one Ever Talks About)

Are you an Executive Director of a nonprofit agency? Do you have a succession plan? If you’re like many you don’t.

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