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Ralph Dise is founder and president of Dise & Company. Ralph has a life-long interest in developing leaders and helping enterprises succeed. He learned his earliest leadership lessons as a teenager attending a summer military program.
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Why YOU Need an Executive Search Firm

Harvard Business Review reports that executives change companies every 3.3 years on average. This statistic suggests that some organizations are actively recruiting for replacements most of the time. Executive searches can take up huge chunks of management time. This time should be spent on productive activities.

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4 Crucial Keys to Successful Executive Recruiting

Recruiting a key executive requires far more than reviewing a pile of résumés. Sifting through social media for that well-worded bio, carefully crafted to promote a seemingly "flawless" candidate, is sure to be a dead-end, too. These methods of recruiting talented executives are time-consuming, expensive, and rarely effective.

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12 Ways Retaining an Executive Search Firm Succeeds for Your Firm

A recent Harvard Business Review commentary reported that executives tend to stay with their current employer for an average of 3.3 years before moving on. This rate of turnover requires organizations to remain continually on the lookout for executive talent. Large companies build large departments to keep up with the river of turnover.

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Starting Strong Ensuring Long-term Success for Newly Hired Executives

Hiring a new executive can be the most important decision management ever makes for an organization’s future. A poor match can impact a company for years to come. A recent study showed that nearly 40 percent of new hires last no more than 18 months in their new jobs. In some cases, a clearly defined onboarding program and thorough orientation would have aligned the newly hired to the culture of the company and expectations for results anticipated by senior management.

Leading executive recruiters go well beyond the search to facilitate the new recruit’s alignment with his new employer. Failure to fit can be fatal for a great career, it can be fatal for an employer, too.

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It’s Critical to Choose the Right Executive Search Partner: Your Organization’s Success Depends on It

Recruiting the best individual to fill a vital role in your organization is one of the most important decisions you can make. A mistake during an executive search selection can be disruptive, expensive and time-consuming.

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3 Things you Need to Know about your Boss for Workplace Success

Every new boss will have a different style than the last. Though the general business objectives may remain the same, your new boss’s strengths, management style, personality and pain points are likely to be different. The greatest business managers in history had vastly diverse personalities and widely different styles. Witness the number of books on “effective management” philosophies that have been written in recent decades. Understanding the management style and personality of your boss will enhance your working relationship and minimize stress. 

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16 Tips for Boss Management

In any company, your responsibility as an employee revolves around meeting your CEO’s needs and hitting business goals month after month and year after year. As a Human Resource professional, you need to bring “A” players aboard to meet your CEO’s expectations. No matter what position a person has, everyone has a boss. Here are 16 tips for boss management to help you grow within your role, and enjoy overall company success.

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The Day LTV Steel Tried to Hire Me Back

June 22, 1985 the general manager of personnel at LTV Steel laid me off. My birthday was eight days away; my wife was three months pregnant. It was late on a Friday afternoon. I was devastated.

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Micro Affirmations-A Cool Leadership Tool

Lisa Gaynier, Director of Preparing Culturally Competent Leaders for 21st Century Organizations at Cleveland State University sent me this: "According to Mary Rowe of MIT, Micro-Affirmations are “tiny acts of opening doors of opportunity, gestures of inclusion and caring, graceful acts of listening.”

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The Search Committee Got Lost

A twelve member search committee spent fourteen months reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates, yet they couldn’t agree on their next president. They were stymied and not likely to solve their leadership problem by themselves. At her wits end the board chair was desperate to complete the search. To say they’d been spinning their wheels was not strong enough to describe their unfortunate situation.

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