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Bill Marshall, Executive Vice President of Dise & Company’s Search Practice, has twenty-five plus years of experience in executive recruitment for a broad spectrum of industries and functions. Acknowledged throughout the region as one of the leading experts on recruitment, he is regularly called upon to assist in recruiting top talent to his diverse group of corporate clients.
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3 Things Your Executive Search Firm Needs to Recruit a Top Population Health Executive

Population Health is a universal approach to medical care in which healthcare professionals strive to manage health-related issues across subsets of the population, rather than focusing only on individual cases.

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Want to Attract and Hire Great Executive Talent?

Stop Doing These 3 Things

As a human resources professional, your job includes attracting and hiring great executive talent in order for your employer to succeed. When it comes to recruiting, it's easy to make the wrong hiring decision without knowing it. A candidate may look perfect at first, but you really don't know how her work ethic relates to her resume until you actually see her in action. There are thousands of things you can do to hire better talent, but start by cutting out these 3 common items from your checklist:

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Diversity in the Workplace

If your organization thinks the reason to have a diverse workforce is simply political correctness, it is time to think again. Given the ever increasingly global nature of business and a national population that will be 57% minority by the year 2060 according to the United States Census Bureau, diversity is essential to business success in many ways.

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Find the Best People! It's not easy in today's talent market.

To succeed in today's environment, you must have the highest caliber of employees possible at every level, regardless of your industry. In today's fast-paced world with an increasingly tight market — particularly for executive and management talent — Dise & Company grasps the challenges that must be met in recruiting for key positions.

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More Companies are hiring older workers

Older workers are viewed as more seasoned, more stable, and hit the ground running

One of the trends we’re seeing in the executive recruiting business is that more organizations are hiring older workers. While it is true that many older workers are getting the pink slip at some companies, there are other companies that are looking to put them back to work.

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Effecting Positive Change

How to build lasting results through proactive management of key positions

Many companies are plagued by what I call the ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind syndrome.’

It is usually caused by, more than anything, having way too much on your plate. A very common condition in today’s business environment.

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Project CFO: How to cope with the pressures caused by the downturn

If you are in Finance or Accounting, or you’re an Executive charged with managing the P&L of an organization, you are probably undergoing a rather large increase in stress as you come to terms with financial conditions you may not have experienced before. 

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Going With Your Gut: When Instincts Override Data

Which “A” player is best for you?

Wedged between a recession and a recovery, most organizations have reduced their workforces to save money and remain viable. Many corporate bosses are evaluating talent to identify and retain top performers, and recruit the “A” players who will position them to be competitive in the years ahead.

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How To Hire The Right Person For That Key Position

Why Your Professional Network Is Not Enough

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