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Greg is an experienced human resources executive who assists clients in recruiting key talent, building organizational bench strength and optimizing workforce performance by enhancing leadership skills. He is skilled in creating outplacement services that meet the needs of both organizations and individuals affected by reductions in force. His clients have ranged from small businesses to Fortune 100 organizations in the public and private sectors. He has deep experience in service, industrial, non profit, and technology environments.
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Afraid to terminate Toxic Tom? Don't be! He's replaceable. Here's how.

Years ago a successful executive coach and personal friend shared a story about a coaching assignment he turned down. His client, a major bank, asked him to work with one of their vice presidents, Toxic Tom. “He's one of our top performers,” they said. “We consider him to be crucial to our success going forward. He has one minor flaw we'd like you to work on with him. He has been known to slap subordinates when he is upset with them.”

 My friend turned down the assignment and advised client to refer Tom for psychological counseling rather than coaching.

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The "Like Factor" PITFALL of a Bad Hire

Several years ago, I served on the board of a local nonprofit. When our Director of Development left to go to a larger organization, “Mary,” the Founder and Executive Director, immediately embarked on a search for her replacement.  

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Hire a Headhunter? Are YOU Kidding ME?

Sound familiar? Your Human Resource team is small, underpaid, overworked and they think you can find a hard charging Vice President of Sales on your own. Plus, your company wants a sales leader who will make an IMPACT.

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What's Your Business Leadership Style?

When My Boss Let Me Fail

I will never forget my first performance evaluation. My boss, Jack, reviewed my first year on the job, highlighting some of my early successes. He then proceeded with a litany of my shortcomings, failures and areas that needed improvement. Several of the examples he cited were over six months old. At the conclusion of the conversation, I said, “I really appreciate the feedback, but wouldn’t it have made more sense to have made me aware of these as you observed them so I could have fixed them by now?” I don’t remember Jack’s response, but I can tell you that he did not change his approach to performance management.

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“A” Managers Hire “A” Players; But It’s OK If You’re Not Perfect

You’ve probably heard that saying: “A players hire A players, and B players hire C players”.

But does this mean you can’t hire someone who has ever made a mistake? Absolutely not. Or that you have to have a perfect hiring record or else you are a failure? Emphatically not.

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How To Leverage Your Network To Get Back To Work

Learn how to polish your networking skills and land a new position — even in a down market

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking.

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Showing How You Can Benefit Others Is Still The Best Way To Find A Job

Finding your perfect job is not easy—even in the best of times.

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Providing a real value for the reluctant and the doubtful

How Dise & Company helped an already qualified job-seeker see the benefits of outplacement services and find a better job faster

Candidate Profile: VP Sales & Marketing, Early-Stage Technology Company

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You Are Your Own Product Manager – for YOU 2.0

Career management is not just a nicety—it’s a necessity

I never saw it coming.” That’s what many executives and managers say after they’ve lost their job. “How did it happen?”—“Well one day they called me into the front office and told me I didn’t want to work there anymore.”  And now they’re just another statistic. One of the current 15.1 million people  in the United States who are unemployed.

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